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Here in this trick you know how to know IP address of any website.
Follow the steps
Step 1: type win+r to open run command.
Step 2: type cmd and press enter to open command prompt.
Step 3: write website URL followed by ping and press enter.

EX: -          ping
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Do you always write dairy. Then don’t download any software for it because your notepad is enough for it. Only follow these steps.
For doing this trick follow the steps given below……..
Step 1: click win+r for opening run command.
Step 2: Type notepad in the given dialog box and press enter.
Step 3: Type .LOG and save it to desktop

Step 4: Now open it and you can see that date and time is given whenever you open it.
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Just before this moment you only know how to see videos online from YouTube but from now you know how to save videos for offline use. You need not to download any software. Have a look on this trick……

Step 1: Goto YouTube website. ( )
Step 2: open the video you want to download.
Step 3: Care this step……. Be careful that you are on the page from where
               you can start your video by one click.

Step 4: now add ss before the word youtube in the URL and press enter.
Step 5: Now after pressing enter you will redirected to a new webpage.
Step 6: now all done you can choose your type (e.g. 3gp, mp4, avi, etc.)

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Here is the list of some virus generators. Take a look.
Jps Virus maker 3.0: A fully functionally virus making software. In which there are many functions as disable registry, Disable time, Disable windows, etc. This file will be generated as System file like rundll32, explorer, etc.

JPS Virus maker: It is more similar like JPS Virus maker 3.0 but it has more functions than that. In this you can choose icons, Delete antivirus, change XP password without knowing, etc.

DELmE's Batch Virus Generator v 2.0: ... Read more »
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Now, the world is of android, IOS, windows smartphones. They have messengers which have stickers but many people have cheap mobiles which doesn’t support stickers. I am giving some of the codes which is really so much helpful in fb chatting. Type these codes while chatting and have fun.
  • [[f9.laugh]]
  • [[f9.sad]]
  • [[f9.angry]]
  • [[f9.sleepy]]
  • [[f9.shock]]
  • [[f9.kiss]]
  • [[f9.inlove]]
  • ... Read more »
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