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Home » 2014 » November » 22 » Google searching tips $ tricks...........
9:01 AM
Google searching tips $ tricks...........
Google the most pupular search engine in the world. There are a large number of websites which are linked up with this site. Google gives us many type of comfort by its new tricks. Some of the tricks are mention here
  • Calculator: insert any equation in the search box. e.g. 24+93
  • Weather: Type weather followed by the place. e.g. Delhi weather.
  • define word: Google can define word for this type "define: any word"
  • World time: you can know your local time by typing time and the city name. e.g. time Patna
  • Airlines schedule: For flight schedule from particular location just fill this "Flights from ____ to _______". e.g. Flights from Delhi to Bangalore
  • Know what you want: in Google if you want to know something particular thing you have only fill this " You are searching for ______ and don't want________". E.g. restaurants in Punjab but don't want hotels.
  • Sports Scores: for knowing the scores just insert the team name and all done. e.g. Kolkata knight riders
  • Search blank things: sometime you forget any specific word. Google help in searching that. you have only put * mark. e.g. Sachin Tendulkar is a *
  • Finding Serial keys: for finding serial keys just type 94fbr followed by the software. e.g. Nero 94fbr
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